What your dream home should have

What your dream home should have

A dream home consists of everything your house would like to have in your place. This can include grand staircases, an upright piano or a heater placed all over your floors. If you are still in the process of thinking about what your dream home should look like, the following section can help you visualize your dream to another level:

House parts

Below is a list of house parts that have different purposes that suit your needs:


Nowadays, almost every single young adult dreams of having a terrace in their house since it is a good place to relax and unwind. Here, you can read while the sun is out, have dinner with your guests or sunbathe to get beautiful tanned skin!

A terrace can be found right outside your house or at the rooftop, and it is usually paved for distinction. Aside from that, decorating your terrace is one of the best activities since you can mix and match a lot of furniture of different themes!


Balconies are platforms located right outside of your window. It is not big, but it is enough to give you walking space and an area for house plants. This part of the house is great when you need to have a breath of fresh air since all you have to do is walk outside your window. Additionally, this is also great for people who love to smoke and vape, in case you do not want the odor of burnt tobacco to stay inside.


If you love to grow plants, having a garden at your dream house should be at the top of your list! You can dream of having an open garden or a full-blown greenhouse, where every plant from different families is getting their dose of sunlight. With your knowledge in gardening, you have the freedom to add shaded and partially-shaded areas to accommodate every plant species. 

Firepit & chimney

Living in a cold country is tough since the temperature of your home matches the one outside. This can leave you cold throughout the night, which can make you catch hypothermia or other diseases. That is why you need to have a firepit & chimney to keep your house warm and cozy!


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Isn’t it amazing to have your personal library at home, where you can store all of your favourite books? This should be present in your dream home, especially if you are a bookworm or someone who needs space to continue office work. 

Check out this unconventional ideas for a home library for more inspiration!

Island kitchen and counter

Having an island kitchen and counter is one of the hottest trends in today’s interior design magazines. This lets you prepare in the middle of your kitchen without feeling cramped from cooking and preparing food by the wall. Aside from that, this can also be an area where you can eat or drink with friends and family!

Walk-in closet

Upgrade your fashion game by owning a walk-in closet! This can include tons of mirrors, clothes and shoe racks, drawers and an area for your bags. Having a walk-in closet means that you have a lot of storage space to keep all of your fashionable and designer clothing pieces! Additionally, this can inspire you to dress up beautifully each day since you can see all of your belongings organized in every right section.


Other than house parts, you also need to have some electronics and appliances to keep everything neat and clean. Here is a list for the must-have electronics:


Every house needs a refrigerator to store food and prevent spoilage. Aside from that, this appliance is what keeps your ingredients fresh for a couple of days! So, it is best to own a good one, and it can be as huge as you want for more storage space. Just make sure that it has a freezer, chiller, vegetable area and enough space to store cold drinks.

Hand vacuum cleaner

This is one of mankind’s best inventions because gone are the days where you needed to bring a bulky vacuum cleaner around your house to clean. With a hand vacuum cleaner, you can now remove dirt from the floors, walls and even the ceilings! At the same time, some versions of this are rechargeable, so there is no need to plug it in a socket, which can prevent movement.


Thanks to the advanced development of technology, televisions now have a Wi-Fi connection feature that allows you to stream multiple movies and videos from the internet! By just downloading streaming apps such as Youtube, Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can easily watch your favourite television series with a click of a button. Additionally, televisions have HDMI ports that allow you to connect gaming consoles, so you can play on a bigger screen.

Personal computer

At this time of age, personal computers are a need since it gets the job done fast and easy. There are two kinds of this: desktop and laptop – each one has multiple specialties that can perfectly suit your needs. When selecting a personal computer, make sure to browse through various brands so that you can compare prices and specifications.

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Convenience is your priority, especially when you have a full schedule ahead. With this said, you might not have the time to cook new meals now then. So, the solution for that is to cook in big batches and reheat it in the microwave when you need to. This can keep you fed for at least a good 3 days.

Electric stove

Electric stoves are a godsend because you do not need to install gas inside your house. All you have to do is plug it near a socket, and you are all set for cooking your meals! Just make sure that you have induction pans and pots since these are the only ones that work with it.

Room heater

It is easy to get cold feet during the winter since floors easily adapt to the temperature outside. If you find this painful and inconvenient, you can install a room heater so that your house would feel toasty and comfortable! Additionally, you can place this on different parts of your house, in case you want the temperature to be the same in all areas.

Air conditioner

Summer is the chance for you to spend time at the beach, but you will stay at home most of the time. With the heat this season has, it is easy to sweat after doing a few movements, which can be annoying at some times. If you want to stay fresh, feel free to install an air conditioner at your home!


Spice up your home with good quality furniture! Here is a list to guide your interior shopping:

Bed frame & mattress

You need a good pair of bed frames & mattresses to give you great comfort and high sleep quality. So, make sure to look for a frame that can last you for a long time. 

Also, you need to invest your money on sturdy mattresses because this can save your back from developing scoliosis and back pain. Check out these 7 amazingly cool and compact DIY beds you can try making at home!

Living room couch

Make your living room more comfortable and inviting by adding a couch as the centrepiece. This will immediately make your guests feel at home, which can help lessen awkwardness and dead silences. 

Fluffy carpets

Owning carpets are game-changers because these can add more colour and life to any of your rooms. Additionally, these feel good on your feet since it provides cushion and comfort.

Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are a staple for every dining area since this is where you and your guests will sit down and enjoy good food. Depending on the size of your dining area, make sure to get enough chairs to accommodate people. Additionally, you can get a circular or rectangular table, whatever best fits your room.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are great to store your books, cactus and figurines. Additionally, you can add this in your living room or bedroom.

Coffee table

This piece of furniture is a great addition to your living room because it can hold finger snacks and drinks that can make your conversations interesting. At the same time, you can add accents such as thick books and potted plants to give your living area a personality.

Patio tent

If your patio does not have a roof, it is best to install a tent above it to protect you from the sun and rain. Although, you need to keep maintaining its condition by cleaning it now and then, especially when trees are nearby.

These 7 best tents with a screen porch or room should give you new ideas on how to build your own patio tent at the comfort of your home.

Barbecue grill

Build connections and relationships with a barbecue grill! Place this by your patio so that you and your guests can prepare good food in the summer.


Hammocks are amazing to rest in since it lulls you to sleep every time it sways you from left to right. There are hammocks that have stands, but some versions need trees as a post to hang it.

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